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Sunflower Care

How Do I Care For My Sunflowers?

Sunflowers 101

What is the most important detail about sunflowers after you cut them? WATER! WATER! WATER! We'll go into more detail below on how to properly keep your flowers hydrated. Also, cutting sunflowers in the morning is the best time to harvest them, but we'll teach you some tips and tricks that will help you prolong the life of your flowers as long as possible. We highly recommend cutting your flowers as one of the last activities you do before you leave. At the end of this page you'll find some external links with more information if you'd like to dive deeper into the care of your flowers.

Cutting Your Sunflowers In The Fields

1) Be careful with your shears, they're REALLY sharp! Only those age 16 years or older are allowed to carry or use the shears.

2) Take the provided water container with you as you go to cut your flowers. The flower will need to go directly into the water as soon as you cut it.

3) When you find the flower that you want to cut, plan to cut it approximately 30" in length from where the bloom touches the stem and where you are making the cut.

4) Make the cut at a 45° angle and place the flower into your water source.

5) Return your shears to the checkout booth and proceed to the watering station.

Watering Station

The watering station staff members will help you remove your sunflowers from your temporary water container to either a complementary travel bag or if you purchased one of our designer Sunflower Pails, they can help you set that up as well. Here they will make an additional cut of your sunflower stem(s) underwater to ensure no air bubbles are restricting the access of the flower's vascular system. Once again, they will cut a 45° cut so that the stem does not lay flat on the bottom of the pail so that it has easy access to the water. We will also remove all the leaves except for the one's up next to the head of the flower.

We recommend that a limited number of flowers be placed in a single pail so that the blooms do nut rub against each other causing damage to the flowers. The amount of flowers that can be placed in a pail is dependent upon the size of the blooms. All of this needs to be done in the shade and from this point forward you'll want to keep the flowers in the shade.

When You Get Home...

Now that you're home, we don't want you to feel alone in taking care of your flowers. Here's some helpful Tips & Tricks to getting several days out of your sunflowers.

  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from drafty areas. Relatively high humidity is best. Dryer conditions will limit their optimal lifespan.

  • Place flowers in fresh holding solutions. We recommend using a store bought solution, typically found at your local garden center.

  • When you place flowers in new solution, cut the stems again about an inch or two from the bottom underneath the solution water at a 45° angle.

  • Make sure no leaves are under the water line at any point.

  • Water temperature should be around room temperature. Don't use cold or hot water. It will shock and kill the flowers.

  • If you prefer making a homemade floral preservative, recommends using water, sugar, and bleach. They suggest 1/4 tablespoon of bleach & 1 table spoon of sugar mixed with 1 gallon of water.

There is no guarantee on how long your sunflowers will last. The amount of variables that can affect these very sensitive flowers are too great to list here. We've had customers who have kept their flowers for up to 10 days and some who left them in a hot car while eating dinner wilting them before dessert arrived. These tips should help you get the most time out of your flowers.

Harvesting The Seeds

We always get great questions about whether or not you can harvest the seeds from these flowers. The answer is: "Yes! You can!" Remember to do this outdoors because it can become messy and some flowers may have a few bugs inside.

Here are a few good links to check out when trying to harvest seeds from the sunflowers.

Additional Links

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